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     Our company's products are:OEM,wicker chairs,wicker laundry basket,wicker loveseat,wicker storage baskets,wicker bar stools,wicker rocking chair,wicker coffee table,wicker headboard,wicker couch,wicker bench,wicker porch swing,wicker chest, wicker dog crate,wicker picnic basket,wicker waste basket,wicker patio furniture,wicker tray...Products are hand-mafe from high-quality, pollution-free raw materials; exquisite design, diverse styles, beautiful shape, exquisite workmanship; both practical and ornamental. At the same time, we can also process and produce samples according to the style required by users.
      Our business principles are: relying on the advantages of abundant raw materials, strong knitting team and knitting experts, we can gain the trust of customers with superior product quality, competitive price, fast and timely supply and perfect business services, and become your reliable partner. On the basis of mutual benefit, we can establish a long-term, stable and efficient cooperative relationship.

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