Foreign trade and wholesale
of Chinese wicker products

The factory


Our factory mainly deals in wicker baskets, wicker furniture, Wicker ornament.......
Variety, novel style, exquisite workmanship,
beautiful appearance, economical, durable and pollution-free.
It not only has strong aesthetic and practical value,
but also enhances people's quality of life, makes people's living space more artistic,
and can meet the special requirements of customers and customers with different tastes!
The company has always followed the people-oriented,innovation as the soul.
The concept of operation in times of danger and self-improvement has achieved long-term progress.
Under the guidance of the enterprise spirit of “Beyond Self and Pursuing Excellence”,
the company has made unremitting efforts by all employees,
and has made our company reserve high-quality business talents and innovative designers,
as well as a group of skilled technicians.
The team provides customers with a variety of solutions.
All colleagues are welcome to come to negotiate!

柳編工廠介紹  Usine

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